About me :

I am currently a B.Sc. student in computer engineering at Isfahan University of Technology, I am member of Isfahan University of Technology Avionics' Research center as researcher and research team leader on avionics real-time operating systems and standards under supervision of Dr. Mehran Safayani. I am currently working on extracting mu rhythms from EEG signals for use in Brain Computer Interface under supervision of Dr. Rassoul AmirfattahiIn the past I also worked on grid environment and scheduling algorithms simulation under supervision of Dr. Ali Fanian. I also instruct various courses as a Teacher assistant or Laboratory assistant including Digital Design Lab., Micro processor Lab., Operating Systems Lab. And programming courses and Laboratories.


I am currently Memeber of Isfahan University of Technology Biomedical Engineering and BCI Reseach Center and IUT Champions ACM team's coach

I was a member of Isfahan University of Technology Avoinics' Research Center

I was a member of Isfahan University of Technology Linux Laboratory

My TOEFL grade is 100/120

Reading: 23 Listening: 26 Speaking: 26 Writing: 25 

Educations :

B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, 2013

  • Thesis: Implementing Classes for Processing Workflows in GridSim Environment 
  • Thesis: Extracting mu rhythm pattern in EEG signals for use in BCI systems 

Diploma in Mathematics and Physics, Amir Almomenin Highschool, 2008

Research Interests :

  • Parallel and Distributed Proccessing
  • Embeded Systems Design
  • Computer Architecture
  • Operation Systems
  • Biomedical Signal Proccessing
  • Natural Language Proccessing
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